First OTA update for Windows Phone 8 arrives on the HTC 8X [Update]

The age of wireless system updates has officially begun for Windows Phone users. The international version of the HTC 8X is receiving an OTA update as we speak. The update brings the 8X up to buildĀ 10211, but the big story here is Microsoft’s inaugural OTA update.

Once the update arrives you will be notified. It takes about 10 minutes to download, another 10 minutes to install, 5 minutes to migrate data, and then you’re finally done. 25 minutes isn’t exactly the quickest OTA update we’ve seen, but it is still nice to see Microsoft successfully use the new OTA system.

As for the update itself we don’t know much about it. The update page says “this update includes several quality improvements” but that’s as specific as it gets. It’s likely that the rebooting issues is one fix, and the “keep WiFi on” option could be added as well. This is for the international version of the 8X right now, but we hope to see it for AT&T and Verizon too.

UPDATE: The folks over at WPCentral have been digging into this update, and they’ve found a few cool new features. SMS seems to have been a focus for this update. it is now possible to save drafts, mass delete messages, and reject a call with a SMS. The last feature is especially nice. Users will be able to quickly text the caller a message such as “I’m busy, but I’ll call back later.”

[via WPCentral]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Why won’t they just be more specific about what they are updating? lol