Lumia 920 EE exclusivity ends in January for the UK

Good news for our friends in Britain not on EE. According to Nokia’s UK Facebook page, it looks like the exclusivity period for the EE network will be ending in January, as numerous people have asked when the phone will be available on Vodafone and O2 and Nokia has replied with a candid “January” in each case.

If these exclusivity deals are ending in January for UK customers, it’s likely it could be a worldwide shift against exclusivity and AT&T and Rogers in the USA and Canada respectively would lose their grip on the sleek Lumia 920. That would be great news for Verizon and T-Mobile customers who have waited this long for the flagship Nokia device.

[via Facebook]

  • indigo smiles

    finally exclusivity deals are bad for consumers!

  • J

    Wahoooooooo! One step closer to ditching my iPhone 5 for a 920 :D