Lumia 920 wins Gizmodo Aus’s Mobile Phone of the Year 2012 Reader’s Choice Award

While Windows Phone may not have the marketshare of iOS or Android, that doesn’t stop the people who truly love flagship devices. The Nokia Lumia 920 was able to garner 49% of the popular vote for Best Mobile Phone of the Year 2012 in the Reader’s Choice award at Gizmodo Australia.

How did the other devices do in the contest? The iPhone 5 came in with a measly 13.5% of the vote and Google’s recently released Nexus 4 managed to rake in only 8.97% of the vote. Of course this is mainly a fan contest, but it goes to show that people really do love their Lumia smartphones.

[via Gizmodo Australia]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    It is a great phone… definitely the best Windows Phone out there. I just think those numbers are way too much, though. I wouldn’t really say any Windows Phone can make it to be the best device of 2012. At least not yet.

  • Australia has a huge market for WIndows Phone, though. They got the Lumia 800 before us, so they’ve had a bit of time to fall in love.