HelloFriends for WP8 turns your lockscreen into a People Hub tile

Windows Phone 8 came with a lot of new features, but a favorite among developers appears to be live apps. We’ve been seeing many existing apps ad this feature, and we’re seeing new apps pop up that only have this feature. HelloFriends is one of those apps.

Like the People Hub, HelloFriends gathers photos from your contacts and displays them, but instead of a tile they appear on the lockscreen. The photos can show up in small squares, big tiles, and various sized tiles. The app updated the lockscreen every 30 minutes to keep the view fresh. The bottom of the lockscreen fades to black so it’s very easy to see notifications and the time/date. We wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft bought this app and built it into the People Hub. It works that well.

HelloFriends is available for $.99 and free trial.

[via WPCentral]

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