Microsoft’s Surface accounts for %0.13 of web traffic

It’s always interesting to note how Microsoft’s products are doing against the competition. This time we have the Microsoft Surface up against Google’s Nexus line of tablets in a report completed by ad network Chikita. It’s important to note that many factors can influence an ad network’s numbers so while these results are definitely not absolute, it does help paint a picture of just how many Surfaces there are versus competitor products.

Advertising data from Chikita for the week of November 12th through November 18th showed that Google’s Nexus devices accounted for %0.91 of all tablet traffic, while the Microsoft Surface accounted for %0.13. It’s a pretty huge disparity between the two, but it should be noted that the aggressively priced Nexus products have been available since July, while Microsoft’s Surface has only been available since October. Both Microsoft and Google have lots of room to grow in the tablet marketplace.

[via Chikita]



  • Nexus tablets have a pretty big head start. Let’s see how it looks this time next year.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Those numbers are not bad at all. And don’t forget the Nexus tablets are also much cheaper, so it makes these number really stand out.

  • just

    The nexus tablet is much cheaper but the quality doesn’t compare to surface tablet. I have nexus 7 and there is nothing much you can do with it.