SkyDrive now available for Xbox 360

Microsoft has been solidifying its cloud offering by bringing SkyDrive to numerous different platforms despite some troubles. Today, the Xbox 360 joins the rank of devices that now have SkyDrive connectivity. You can now sync your pictures and music to your Xbox for instant entertainment and the ability to enjoy them on your TV.

In addition to being able to display your pictures, video, and music, the SkyDrive app also features Kinect voice support so you can quickly flick through all your albums with ease.

  • Awesome! This would be so handy for watching videos on the big screen easily.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Pretty cool stuff… But SkyDrive is one of those that I just didn’t adopt in time and no longer use. Right now I mostly use Google Drive and Drop Box for my cloud stuff. And Airplay/Apple TV for sharing stuff from my computer to tv. These work great, so I just never saw the need to use SkyDrive.