Surface RT headed to Staples and other retailers starting December 12th

Buying a Microsoft Surface RT tablet has been a tricky proposition. It’s only available in Microsoft Stores (which are few and far between) and on their website…until now. Microsoft has revealed on their blog that Surface RT will be coming to more retailers starting this month. Staples is the first retailer to speak up. They will be carrying Surface RT in all locations starting tomorrow (12/12).

Microsoft also announced that they are increasing production. This either means that they are selling a lot already, or they anticipate more retailers will equal more sales. We caught wind of this earlier this week, and we’re glad it has come true. Getting Surface in more stores like Staples, Best Buy, and more will really help sales. The psychedelic commercials on TV are great, but nothing can substitute for seeing and touching the device in person.

So who’s heading to Staples tomorrow?

[via The Verge]

  • This should have been the case from the beginning. Microsoft has no where near the number of drooling fanboys that Apple has, yet they want to hold profit margins and exclusivity deals like they do. Try whoring yourself out a bit, Microsoft. Spread the love.