Weather Flow update for WP8 available now, new live tiles and lockscreen features in tow

A little over a week ago we brought you a first look at the WP8 update for Weather Flow, and today it has finally arrived in the Store. Weather Flow is one of our favorite apps, so we were bummed to see how pixelated the live tile looked on the high resolution screens of WP8. That is all fixed now, and much more has been added.

Starting with live tiles, we now get to choose from the standard three tiles. The double wide tile shows current temp. and a five day forecast, the medium tile shows temp. and three days, and the small just shows the current temp. They’ve also added lockscreen functionality which can show the current temperature, five day forecast, and a beautiful corresponding photo.

This update has brought the app up to date and made it even better than before. If you’re a weather buff this is one app you really need to check out. Weather Flow is $1.99 with a free 3-day trial. Grab it below!

  • Looks great! Love the update but some of the icons are still a bit blurry. Hope that’ll be fixed soon.