WP8 vs Swiftkey keyboard comparison [Video]

Last week we wrote a story about why the Windows Phone 8 keyboard is so good. Someone commented on that article, and it just so happened to be Kevin from Phandroid. He said that he would like to see a comparison between the WP8 keyboard and Swiftkey for Android. That sounded like a pretty good idea, so here it is.

In the video above I tested out a few sentences for the predictive text features of both keyboards. They performed very similarly with a slight edge to WP8. The same thing happened with the autocorrect test. The amazing this is that these features come stock in WP8, but in order to get them on Android you need to download an app. The stock Android keyboard has these features too, but many people claim that Swiftkey is superior. Does that make the WP8 keyboard the best in mobile? What do you think?


  • just

    Nice comparison, Joe! I’m happy with my windows phone 8 keyboard. Thanks!

  • Hugo

    The latest Swiftkey on the Play store indeed, but in a short time you’ll have to place it against Swiftkey Flow (out in beta now) which changes everything (also the standard 4.2 Android keyboard has a kind of flow too which is pretty good)
    There’s just no winning against Android because it can all be changed, with Windows you’re stuck with it’s built in keyboard so it better be pretty good.

  • Unorthodox

    Swiftkey get waay better over the time you use it. It’ll collect your typing habits, in every of multiple languages you told it to use and track, so your review is full of sh1t.

  • Cloudscout

    I think the WP8 keyboard is just as good as any other screen-tap keyboard. The thing that frustrates me is that I can’t get Swype for WP8. The lack of support for third party SIPs is the biggest shortcoming in Windows Phone at this point.

  • Interesting results. That WP8 keyboard doesn’t look half bad.

  • Swfitkey’s word prediction is pretty incredible–but I’m always going back to Gingerbread’s keyboard because Swiftkey has issues with entering usernames involving email addresses. You enter a ‘dot’, and it automatically capitalizes words and moves a spot over. I’m constantly having to go back and edit something. Otherwise it’s a great, great keyboard.

  • That’s uncalled for–and if you’re going to mouth off and curse, be a man and spell ‘shit’ like it was meant to be spelled.

  • Unorthodox

    It’s not about “being a man”, you 1d10t, it’s a habit caused by automated censorship on every website there is.

  • Uh. I just spelled ‘shit’ the way it was meant to be and I wasn’t censored. So who’s the ‘1d10t’ now, Professor?

  • Curious

    ” The lack of support for third party SIPs is the biggest shortcoming in Windows Phone at this point”
    hmm… time to do some research. Checking download numbers for Swiftkey on Android: 1 million to 5 million. Nice… ok… hmm…let’s check Facebook downloads since it’s very likely that most android users download that. Facebook downloads: 100million to 500million. So that tells me that 1% of potential android users use Switftkey while the 99% don’t. Data seems to contradict said conclusion :/ Something being used by 1% of users can’t possibly be “biggest shortcoming in Windows Phone at this point”.

  • blind

    Are you retarded? SwiftKey is not the only third party SIP for Android. If you want to be an asshat and give statistics, why don’t you look up every single keyboard for Android’s numbers. That includes Swype, Go Keyboard, Better Keyboard, and many, many others. The lack of third party keyboard support is a HUGE shortcoming. I myself much prefer to use a shape-writing keyboard like Swype, therefore I cannot (will not) get a Windows Phone.

  • Christopher

    I would love to know if anyone is aware of any “Flow” like keyboard which works like swype or swiftkey does for android – but in a flavor which works with WP8… I can not figure out how or why anyone would ever want to “tap out” a word or sentence when they can “swype” it instead…

  • New lumia 1020

    Predictive text isn’t very important. Autocorrect, ability to change size and shape of keys, change button hold time, and having a full set of keys on hold for swiftkey makes it more functional. The fact I can’t type a single number without having to hit the symbols keyboard button at the bottom is enough to make me download something else for my new wp8

  • dontloweryourselftotheirlevel

    Because its awkward and unintuitive.