Windows Phone 7.8 demoed on the Lumia 800 [Video]

We’re closer than ever to the Windows Phone 7.8 release, as FoneArena has taken the time to show off some of the new features of the update on the Lumia 800. The phone is running the recent ROM that appeared on Navifirm for the device, featuring the new start screen, additional accent colors, as well as the ability to have Bing set your wallpapers and Google as your search provider.

Hopefully we’ll see the Windows Phone 7.8 update for WP7 before the end of the year.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    What do you mean by “soon”? When is 7.8 coming out?

  • LlamaPants

    whens this coming to lumia 710? i bought earlier this year on t-mobile and want it before buying something wp8.

  • Most likely before the end of January.