Are you ditching Gmail for

Last week Google dropped some bad news on Windows Phone users. They announced that as of February 1st they will no longer be offering Exchange ActiveSync. We covered this in depth right here, but basically it means you will no longer be able to easily pipe in your Google contacts and calendar. Obviously this has a big impact on people who use Google services with Windows Phone.

One solution is to switch to Microsoft’s semi-new webmail service, It’s a very beautifully designed service, but it doesn’t have quite as many features as Gmail. A lot of people have announced that this recent move by Google has made them switch to We’re wondering if you are making the move? If not, why? What email service do you use?

  • mshann

    I want to switch to outlook from gmail. Does outlook have the same privacy issues as gmail incorporating it into google now?

  • I ditched GMail the first day the Outlook Preview was open to the public. Sayonara, Scroogle!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    No way…. Not at this point. I am just way too invested in Google’s services to make such a huge change, lus I love Gmail. I have never really had anything to complain about. If I had no option, I would rather forward my emails to my outlook account. Then use Gmail on other devices.

  • I won’t be ditching outlook until they add two factor authentication. I have too much important stuff not to have it.

  • CX1

    Never liked gmail.