Nokia Lumia 920T sells better on Amazon China than the iPhone 5

Now that both the iPhone 5 and the Lumia 920T are available in China, it looks like Nokia’s offering is winning out over the iPhone 5. Currently on Amazon China, the Nokia Lumia 920T is listed as 5th, while the iPhone 5 takes the 6th spot. There are several factors to consider here though, as the Lumia 920T has just become available, while the iPhone 5 has been available for a bit. Additionally, the Lumia 920T costs much less than the iPhone 5, so cost-effective users may spring for the cheaper handset.

The only problem with the high demand for the handset is that Nokia seems to be short on supply, which is a bad thing when you want as many people adopting your handset as possible. Those who might have gone for the Lumia 920 in stores may instead have to settle for something else if they can’t wait for stock. Hopefully Nokia can iron out these supply issues and we can see more Lumias in the hands of those who want them.

[via WMPU]






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