Windows Phone has a 88% approval rating in ‘Meet Your Match’ campaign

Just like “Smoked by Windows Phone” before it, “Meet Your Match” is doing very well. The campaign aims to show people why Windows Phone is a better match for them than their current smartphone. Microsoft has been running the campaign for several weeks and they are releasing some stats and info about how it has been going.

So far they have run over 75,000 demos and challenges. In the head-to-headĀ challengesĀ a whopping 88% of people said Windows Phone was a better match for them. These numbers are similar to the “Smoked by Windows Phone” campaign. It’s clear that Windows Phone is good at doing the simple every day tasks that most people do, but it’s those other situations that people complain about. No one needs to take an Instagram photo, but they want to have the option.

You can watch all the Meet Your Match videos right here.

[via Windows Blog]

  • Most everyone I’ve talked to about their phones have agreed that the switch was the best thing they’ve ever done. I think that’s Microsoft’s biggest problem; convincing people to let go of their icons.

  • Si Ko

    Icons are so from the 1980’s… Tiles are a great feature. It’s almost 2013, don’t get stuck in the past!