Incipio Padded Sleeve for Microsoft Surface [Review]

The Microsoft Surface tablet is a fine piece of precision engineering and beautiful design. It’s also incredibly durable and strong, as Microsoft showed off several times. Panos Panay even dropped one on stage during the Surface event back in October, and it was fine. People also live through being struck by lightening, but that’s not something you want to experience.

So unless you just love seeing expensive pieces of technology plummet to the Earth with zero protection, you’re going to want to protect your Surface tablet. We’ve been impressed with Incipio’s accessories for Windows products lately, so we decided to take a look at their Padded Nylon Sleeve for Surface. Don’t let the utilitarian name fool you, this sleeve is anything but plain.

The sleeve is made of woven nylon fiber. It feels very strong, and I would bet it’s very hard to tear or rip. The nylon fiber also makes it very grippy so it doesn’t feel like it will slip out of your hands. If it does slip out of your hands it is protected by about 1/4″ of padding on all sides. The inside of the sleeve is lined with a “faux-fur” material that is extremely soft to the touch. Surface fits nice and snug inside the sleeve, even with the Touch Cover. There is a small zip-up pocket on the outside of the sleeve that is big enough to carry a phone, wallet, or set of keys. The only thing that would make this sleeve better would be a shoulder strap. There’s not much else to say about this sleeve. It is a simple, no frills, accessory, but it looks very professional.

This sleeve is a great accessory to go with your tablet. Its minimal design fits in perfectly with the Surface, and you can even get it in a color to match your Touch Cover. If you’re looking for something simple, protective, and beautiful to carry your Surface around in the Incipio Padded Nylon Sleeve is a great choice.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    It looks nice! I have never dropped a tablet, though. And I always carry my Powerbag, which already protects it.

  • I like that they make several different colors available so you can match it up with your touch cover. Nice touch, Incipio.