Nokia begins rolling out WP8 OS update on AT&T and Rogers

It’s update day for the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820! Just a few minutes ago Nokia, along with AT&T and Rogers, started rolling out an OS update to Windows Phone 8 devices. This is the Portico update that we’ve been expecting for a couple of weeks. We’ve been over the update several times already, but let’s take a refresher course.

The biggest thing that the update addresses is a stability issue that caused some devices to randomly reboot. The problem causing the issue oddly enough had to do with Bluetooth pairing. Other new features include the ability to keep WiFi on under the lockscreen, and some new SMS features. The SMS features include mass deletion and call reject with a quick SMS message. That does it for the Windows Phone side of things.

Nokia is also including a firmware update. This update is primarily geared toward the camera. It increases sharpness in photos and removes fuzziness. There are also some minor battery life improvements.

The update is love right now for AT&T and Rogers customers. if you have a Lumia 920 or 820 check the phone update settings to see if it is available yet. International users will have to wait until February.

[via WPCentral]

  • Clicked the Update Check in Settings on my Lumia 920 and it started the download and install. It’s at “Preparing to install” now.