Skype for Windows 8 gets much improved snap view in latest update

Skype has just received a much needed update for Windows 8 and RT. One thing that has really been frustrating about the app is its behavior in snapped view. While most apps are functional in snapped view for all parts of the app, Skype only worked in snapped view in chat windows. If you tried to switch chats you would have to expand the app to do so. Thankfully Skype can now be used in snapped view for 100% of the app.

The update also adds some performance improvements and big fixes. We have noticed that the app opens much quicker now, and it seems speedier when using the app too. The one thing that we’re still hoping for is notifications for group chats. Still, this is a very capable app, especially after this update. There is no reason not to ditch the standard desktop app.

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