Snes8x is the first Nintendo emulator for Windows 8/RT

What is a modern platform if it doesn’t have a Super Nintendo emulator? Luckily we’ll never have to find out the answer to that question because Snes8x has arrived for Windows 8/RT for all your retro gaming needs.

Snes8X is a very simple app. It has touch controls for tablets and fully customizable keyboard controls. It even has some more advanced options for video and audio. The only thing the app is missing is support for gaming controllers. Unlike most emulators Snes8x runs .smc files, so make sure to unzip the ROMs before you load them in the app.

Snes8x runs great on Microsoft Surface, especially with a keyboard cover. It is available in the Windows Store for free.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Good ol’ times…. memories.

  • If Microsoft allows emulators to be posted on the Windows App Store. That means they may allow a DOSBOX port for WinRT on it too :D