Happy Holidays! Check out our Holiday App Pack

The weather outside is frightful, but these apps are delightful. Hopefully all your shopping is done and you’re ready to relax and enjoy the holidays. This is a busy time of year for everyone, but it is important not to let it all get out o f control. Take a break for some hot cocoa and a candy cane and check out these apps that just might make your holiday even better.

NORAD Tracks Santa (Free)

If you have young kids that still believe in Santa Claus this is a great app to show them. They can use it to track Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas Eve, and it might even help you get them to bed. The app shows what towns Santa has visited and even has little video clips from his trip.

Cocktail Flow ($.99, Free)

Regular readers of our App Packs know that we rarely let a holiday go by without recommending Cocktail Flow. It’s the perfect app to use when throwing a party or just enjoying a nice relaxing beverage. With the new update for WP8 Cocktail Flow is even better now with a brand new design. Just remember not to mix Santa too strong of a drink, he has some flying to do.

Pandas vs Ninjas Christmas (Free)

It can be hard to sleep when you’re laying in bed waiting for Santa to come. Instead of just staring at the ceiling why not play a game? Pandas vs Ninjas might not sound like your typical Christmas game…and it isn’t. This game is a lot like Angry Birds, but with a holiday twist.

Christmas Cards (Free)

Forget to send out Christmas cards? This app is a fun way to send Christmas cards to your friends and family quickly. You can choose from a wide variety of frames and photo cutouts, then pick a photo from your gallery or snap a new one. The send the card to whoever you like for a simple way to wish them a happy holidays.

Mistletoe to Go (Free)

Not everyone can be so lucky to magically be under some mistletoe with someone to kiss. Sometimes you have to improvise. Mistletoe to Go gives you the power to put mistletoe up whenever the perfect moment arrives. Mistletoe to Go cannot find you someone to kiss.

Happy Holidays!

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