GasBuddy adds super handy Windows Phone 8 lockscreen functionality

Just in time for traveling back home from holiday festivities GasBuddy has received a very nice update. GasBuddy is a crowd sourced gas price tracker that has been around for a long time. Unlike most crowd source ventures GasBuddy has a plethora of users and information that makes it very valuable to travelers, especially this time of year when a lot of people travel long distances.

GasBuddy has been updated to take advantage of Windows Phone 8. One thing we have liked about GasBuddy is the ability to pin several locations to the start screen to get a quick look at where you should fill up. In Windows Phone 8 they are bringing that to the lockscreen…sort of. You can set it up to show the average price of gas in your area on the lockscreen, but not individual locations. Once they add that feature this will be a very useful app for long trips or daily commuters. The update also includes support for multiple tile sizes, the wide tile shows local average, state average, and national average prices.

GasBuddy is free from the Windows Phone Store.

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