Lumia 920T launch in China sees long lines and sellout in 2 hours

China has been a source of good news for Nokia lately, after it was announced that the Lumia 920 would be available in the country. The above picture is taken from a Nokia Shanghai store on the Lumia 920T launch day and shows hundreds of people queued up to receive their shiny new Lumia 920T. The adoption rate in China for Nokia has been rather nice, as the Lumia 800 was able to overtake the iPhone in marketshare so it’s no wonder people want the phone’s upgraded cousin.

It’s interesting to note that the Nokia store was sold out in around two hours, leaving many people without their devices and having to wait. The strong desire for the devices in China means Nokia could be bouncing back as a global leader in smartphone sales with Microsoft riding its coattails.

[via IThome]

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