Metrotube lives again! YouTube fix now available in the Windows Phone Store

Last week we saw Metrotube, a popular YouTube app, get broken by a change made by Google. This is a common problem for 3rd party YouTube apps, but like all the times in the past the developers have found a fix and updated the app. It’s really nice to see such a prompt update, especially during the holidays, considering that some people have paid for the app. The update also includes offline pre-loading for Windows Phone 7, a feature already on the WP8 version.

Windows Phone devs once again show Google that they will not be denied. Download Metrotube from the Store right here, and if you’re a long time Metrotube user consider buying the full version to show your support.

  • Got it! So glad Lazyworm Apps are being supportive for WIndows Phone users instead of abandoning the platform like some fly-by-night developers have done in the past over minor issues.