Microsoft still bargaining for Spotify on Windows Phone 8

One of the downsides of upgrading to Windows Phone 8 for many people was the loss of a few apps that were not Windows Phone 8 compatible. Spotify is one of these and has caused many people to ask when an update will make the app available for their new phones. Spotify has been mum on the issue, which makes the waiting game that much harder for those who want their music now.

Thankfully Microsoft has acknowledged that Spotify is a “must have” app for Windows Phone 8 and that they have been working with the company in order to get the app published to Windows Phone 8. According to the Facebook post above, Anna Ström, the Product Marketing Manager for Windows Phone in Sweden has confirmed that Spotify for Windows Phone is a high priority for the company.


  • C’mon Microsoft, don’t just “work with them.” Throw some money at them and make it priority #1.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I stopped using Spotify, but if I went Windows Phone exclusive I would definitely get it again, because I would not have Google Music. It must be sad for those that depend on streaming music, hopefully it will work out soon!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    So you think Microsoft has money to just throw at people? lol. I can just imagine Steve Ballmer throwing money at the Spotify guys.