VLC for Windows 8 reaches funding goal, excess funds will go towards Windows Phone app

We’ve been keeping you updated on VLC’s Kickstarter campaign for Windows 8, and today we are happy to report that they have reached their goal. With only a couple days left they passed their goal of £40,000 and will now start working on a VLC app for Windows 8. This will be a great app to have considering that Windows Media Player is not included in Windows 8.

VLC has also announced that any more funds they receive will go towards creating a Windows Phone 8 app. There is still 59 hours (as of the writing of this article) to donate if you would like to help fund the Windows Phone app. Here is their latest message to backers:

Dear backers,

This evening, we crossed our goal of £40,000. Thanks again for your generous support and for allowing us to realize our project!

Any further money coming in will greatly speed up the availability of our port of VLC to Windows Phone 8, since it will allow us to parallelize the workload of the ports to Windows 8 / RT and Phone.

Furthermore, we would like to propose a few additional features, on which we will be working full-time after the initial release is done and as long as money is left:

  • camera input support — This allows you to record anything your connected cameras can see and to stream it live where ever you like.
  • DLNA client and server integration — Play media stored on DLNA capable servers on your Windows RT tablet or Windows Phone — Stream everything VLC can play on your tablet or Windows 8 PC to your DLNA capable devices (Xbox, …).
  • integration with locally attached devices for media playback and synchronization
  • Smartglass support

Thanks again for all your feedback and your support. We are looking forward to go all-in on this project!



  • Excellent! I pitched some cash their way since I use VLC exclusively as my media player and have done so for years. Can’t wait for a Windows Phone 8 version.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I used to use it a lot before because of their support for all these formats. But I really haven’t run into any unsupported formats for a long time… so I kinda left VLC behind.