Zombies, Run! developer abandons Windows Phone 8

In what seems to be a growing trend of developers pulling out of the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem at the wrong time, Zombies, Run! developer Six to Start has announced that they will no longer support Windows Phone 8 shortly after updating their Zombies, Run! app for the platform for the last time. This news is especially hard for many who supported the developer by plopping down the $7.99 asking price in order to enjoy the app.

The most important thing to address here is that despite the app being unsupported, the developers have stated that they won’t pull it from the store. There was some speculation that the app will disappear, leaving users unable to access their $7.99 purchase, but a quick email to the developer’s confirmed otherwise. The only downside of Six to Start leaving is that Zombies, Run! 2 will not see release on the platform.

Hi Greg,
Thanks for your email!
While we won’t be updating Zombies, Run! for Windows Phone in the future, the game is complete and perfectly playable on Windows devices. Sadly, we cannot justify developing Zombies, Run! 2 for Windows devices but, as I say, this doesn’t affect Zombies, Run!, which is currently available on the platform and is feature complete.
All the best,

Personally, I think it’s a shame that developers are pulling out at the wrong time, shortly before Windows Phone 8 is set to gain such a huge market share. This is the second fitness app after Runkeeper to abandon the platform, so fitness freaks are going to have a harder time using their phone in conjunction with their morning routine.

[via WPCentral]

  • CX1

    Charge double of more than vast majority of games and wonder about slow uptake?

  • good point

  • Andy

    Sold well despite this on other platforms.