2012 in review: 75,000 new apps for an average of 54 downloads per phone

The Windows Phone Developer Blog has a year in review style post that has some interesting numbers regarding the Windows Phone 8 platform. In 2012 alone, 75,000 new apps were published in the store, with more than 300,000 app updates being submitted across the year. The average number of apps downloaded by users in a year is 54.

According to the post, Microsoft has increased developer revenue by 40% over the year 2012, by increasing payment options such as Paypal, Alipay, and even supporting carrier billing. This massive increase in revenue for developers is also thanks to a huge number of new markets. Going into 2012, Windows Phone was only available in 35 markets. We’re finishing the year with the ecosystem in more than 191 markets with 95% increase in the number of potential customers.

For you devs out there who haven’t hopped on the Windows Phone 8 train, this is your cue that we’re leaving the station with or without you.

[via Windows Phone Developer Blog]



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