Samsung still planning for Windows 8 devices in 2013

If it seems like Samsung’s support of the ATIV S’s marketing has been tepid, that’s because it has been. The handset was scheduled to be a launch day handset for Windows Phone 8, but release dates have slowly slipped back as numerous delays have been reported. Everything from display supply to prioritizing Android handsets has been blamed, but it looks like Samsung still believes in the future of Windows  8 at least.

In a small snippet of a CNET article, an unnamed Samsung executive confirms that the company wants to release more Windows 8 devices. When these devices will surface and what markets they’ll target are pretty much unknown right now, but it’s nice to see Samsung still focusing on Windows 8 in its calculations for half a billion devices in 2013. Whether or not this includes a new Windows Phone 8 device is up for grabs, since the company will likely produce a Windows 8 tablet of some variety.

[via CNET]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I wonder if Samsung will start adopting different design strategies, kinda like HTC did. Personally, I like the way HTC Windows Phone 8 devices look more than I like HTC Android phones.

  • JSYOUNG571

    Until then everyone is stuck with either getting a 4’3 HTC phone or Nokia 4’5. That sucks. I would have loved to see what the Samsung ATIV’s looked and felt like hands on.