Mehdoh joins the Windows Phone 8 crowd

Mehdoh is one of our favorite Twitter apps and today we are happy to see it finally get updated for Windows Phone 8. Many of the major Twitter apps have already been updated but Mehdoh is not being left in the dust. With this latest update the dev behind Mehdoh has spared no expense. Instead of adding things iteratively he has added basically all the new features you would expect in this one update.

All the new WP8 features are present: lock screen notifications, voice commands (UK only), fast resume, and speedĀ improvements. Mehdoh was already one of the fastest Twitter apps, but now it really flies. Unfortunately some things were removed in this update to comply with Twiter API 1.1 and WP8. Those things include some retweet options, tile options, and temporarily custom themes. If you’re looking for a great Twitter app you will love Mehdoh. We like it so much that it took first place in our Twitter app showdown. It is available for $.99 and free trial.

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