Nokia settles first patent dispute with RIM for $65 million

The terms of the patent tiff that came to light last week between Nokia and RIM have finally been announced, thanks to AllThingsD. The SEC filing shows that a one-off payment was a lump sum of €50 million, or around $65 million. The fee will apply to the third quarter of fiscal 2013 for RIM. The interesting thing to note about this settlement is that this one-off payment is not the last Nokia will see of payments.

Subsequent patent licensing agreements between the company mean as long as RIM uses tech patented by Nokia in their smartphones, they’ll have to pay the Finnish handset maker a fee. No word on what those fees will be, but it seems a steep cost to RIM to remain in business. This is similar to the supposed $7 per handset that Microsoft receives per Android activation.

[via AllThingsD]


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