Top 5 games still not available on Windows Phone 8

Last week Joe showed you five apps that many Windows Phone users have said they can’t live without and would be ecstatic to see join the Windows Phone ecosystem. This is a wake-up call to those specific app developers, letting them know that there are hundreds of thousands of people still in need of their services. ┬áThis week, I’m going to show you the top five games that are not available on Windows Phone 8 but should be.

1. Temple Run

This one is almost vaporware. It was advertised for Windows Phone at some point, but it looks like developer Imangi Studios has forgotten about the platform. The game itself is a simple run and see how long you can survive, but it’s spawned many clones on both iOS and Android. Imangi Studios stands to make quite a bit of profit from Windows Phone users who are desperate for a way to pass time on the bus and elsewhere by releasing for Windows Phone.

2. Cut the Rope: Experiments

Cut the Rope: Experiments is the sequel to Zepto Labs’ popular Cut the Rope. The first game saw release on Windows Phone, so it doesn’t make much sense why the second wouldn’t as well. In fact, Zepto Labs have recently released Pudding Monster HD, their newest game, so it feels like us Windows Phone users have been forgotten once again. Hopefully one day we’ll see Om Nom’s sequel on our phones.

3. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft has exploded in popularity to the point where even your 65 year-old grandma knows what it is. For that reason alone it’s a shame that Mojang haven’t seen fit to port their Pocket Edition of the game to Windows Phone. The game is available on both iOS and Android and recent updates have brought the game more in-line with what’s expected from the full-fledged game. Given creator Markus Persson’s attitude toward Windows 8, we suppose we understand why we haven’t seen Minecraft on Windows Phone yet. Still, we can always hope.

4. World of Goo

This addition to Windows Phone seems almost a no-brainer as well. 2D Boy have gone to the pains of porting World of Goo to almost every available platform, so it doesn’t make much sense that they’re not keen on seeing the game available on Windows Phone. This might just be a demand issue, as they’ve not seen enough people want the game to consider making it available. The developers themselves are responsible for the whole “pay what you want” scheme of distributing many popular indie titles today, so revenue doesn’t seem to be the issue here.

5. Letterpress

Letterpress is currently iOS exclusive right now so we’ll probably see an Android port before we ever get our hands on a Windows Phone 8 version, but that’s a shame. Given the quality of word games available for Windows Phone such as Wordament and Alpha Jax, not to mention other titles like Words by Post and Wordfeud, it seems almost inevitable that an amazing game like Letterpress would be right at home on the platform. The game is a mixture of Scrabble and war strategy and is insanely addictive. We’re hoping to see this one soon, but we’re not holding any bets on the platform.


  • Scubadog

    Seriously? These are the top 5 games? All five are completely lame, and I don’t know a single person on ANY platform that plays them. I’m much more likely to see someone playing Angry Birds (any version) or Words With Friends. Sheesh.

  • Temple Run was downloaded more than 2.5 million times on Christmas. But you’re right, no one plays these games…

  • Tumultus

    Yes, but here you make the assumption that anyone who downloaded the game is actually going to play it. On Android, Temple Run is free, so, I can see lots of people downloading it to their phones and then just open it up once or twice and shortly after never look at it again. :)

    “Top 5” is very subjective! While looking at the above list, I don’t miss any of them. Instead, I would like to see more XBOX Live games on my Windows Phone.

  • The point you’re missing is that 2.5 million people looked for Temple Run. Anyone who did the same on a new Windows Phone was disappointed to find nothing. These games might not mean anything to you, but they do to a lot of people. Especially those first timers.

  • Tumultus

    As I said: Put a price tag on there in the Google Play store and nobody will bother to look at it. And, no, most people I know that have a Windows Phone were not disappointed that they couldn’t find it in the marketplace. Hah, let’s start a poll and ask WP users if they were disappointed that they couldn’t find this game in the Marketplace during Christmas. :)

    Only because something is popular on another platform doesn’t really make it a “must have” on Windows Phone; unless it provides a service of some kind that is needed. Especially with games, this matter becomes very subjective since people have different preferences.

  • Temple run was announced to be coming for WP at the WP8 launch in October. Hardly can be considered vaporware.

    Cut the Rope only launched a little more than a month ago on a brand new platform. it’s way too early for the devs to see if it’s financially viable to release another game, or a sequel on Windows Phone. They are probably only just now receiving their first payout from Microsoft for sales. Plus, the Xbox Live stuff seems to add lengthy times to release dates for extra certifications presumably. Also probably explains Temple Run’s delay. I’m fairly positive it (Temple Run) was shown with Xbox Live branding at the WP8 event, but I’m far too lazy to look and see.

    Letterpress will never leave iOS. Loren is an iOS guy, and has rooted Letterpress deep in iOS with everything being through gamecenter. The games design may be inspired by Metro…new ui… whatever the hell it’s called now. but it’s never leaving iOS for another platform.

  • If WP8 got these games, it would be a step in the right direction. However, I think it could do just fine without Minecraft… the mobile version is such a gimped product from the Xbox or PC version that it’s not worth buying unless you’re completely 100% addicted to the game.

  • tariqmalik008

    i have windows 8 phone i want temple run game

  • Harry Cohen

    I know this is an old post, but I found it cos I was searching for Temple Run for Windows Phone. Especially now TR2 is coming out tonight for iOS and Android. I’m sorry and I do love my Nokia 920, but I do miss TR. I know it’s a stupid and simple game, but it passes the time for a few minutes when you are bored without much (any!) thought.
    I’m sorry but 2.5 million downloads, you cannot just ignore a statistic like that and say it’s redownloads or something. This is a very popular game – as are most of these others – sure they are not complex, mostly just time-wasters, but casual gaming is the mainstay of mobile gaming and more involved Xbox games are actually the exception these days, It is what the public, stupid and unwashed as we are, demands.
    So WP need these games to be on a par and not dissapoint a lot of users.

  • Jared E.

    Yes so what we’re saying is that the makers of Temple Run (Until recently coming to their senses) chose to ignore millions of people that use a Windows Phone and wrote off the potential for more customers. Not a smart business move at all, especially in this economy. Cant stick your nose up in the air at a userbase of millions ;) They finally got it.

  • Joe

    Angry birds? LOL. WWF is on it and mine craft is the most popular app and one of the most popular pc games ever.

  • Desert Fest

    Why wont you guys cross out Minecraft Pocket Edition, is totally on Windows Phone platform right now
    You guys should really consider to update your posts

  • Foster McCoy

    No offense but, your English is pretty bad. But yeah! Now that Minecraft is really on WP right now, cross it out