Weave News Reader gets updated for Windows Phone 8

There are several good choices for RSS readers on Windows Phone, but one of the best is Weave. It has been around almost since day one, and has grown a lot since then. Today it has finally been updated to take advantage of Windows Phone 8. If you’re unfamiliar with Weave its most notable feature is the way it handles articles. They are sent to Weave’s servers and reformatted for mobile.

Weave now has wide love tiles, lockscreen support, and support for higher screen resolutions. The lockscreen gathers images from the latest stories and displays them. There is also a cool feature that can read articles aloud. It’s like books on tape for yout RSS feeds. This update also adds some major speed and performance improvements thanks to support for WP8 specs. Weave is available for $9.99 and free. Grab it below.

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