9 Predictions for Windows in 2013

2012 was probably the biggest year for Microsoft since Windows 95. Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 both came out and are doing well, plus some amazing new hardware from Nokia and HTC arrived. As we wind down 2012 it’s time to think about what will come in 2013. This is the perfect time for some predictions and wild speculation about what the new year will bring. Buckle your seat belts, we could be in for a wild year if half of this stuff comes true.

1. Nokia Tablet

We’ll start with a safe prediction: Nokia will create a Windows tablet in 2013. There were a lot of rumors about this in 2012, including a very solid one just a couple weeks ago. Nokia has said in the past that they are interesting in tablets. People go crazy for Nokia phones, so it would only make sense for them to make a tablet. Especially since a wifi tablet wouldn’t have to deal with carriers, which Nokia is not great at doing. We’ll keep crossing our fingers for a beautiful “Lumia tablet” to arrive in 2013.

2. Yahoo launches a Windows Phone

Marissa Mayer is the new CEO at Yahoo, and she’s shaking things up. In 2013 that will become even more apparent when they release their own phone to compete with Google. Instead of creating their own operating system they decide to use Windows Phone. In a highly publicized deal Microsoft and Yahoo team up to take down Google Search. The new search engine is called Bingoo! and it comes on all yPhones.

3. Windows Phone Phablet

“Phablets” became very popular in 2012. Is it a phone? Is it a tablet? It’s both, and a lot of people like them. In 2013 Windows Phone will finally get a phablet form factor. Either HTC, Nokia, or Samsung will create a Windows Phone device with a screen larger than 5-inches. It might not fit in your pocket, but it will fit in your heart.

4. RIM goes Windows Phone

Blackberry 10 will finally come out in 2013…and it will flop. No one cares about Balckberry’s anymore. RIM will finally realize that their last hope is to become a hardware-only company, and the software they will choose to use is Windows Phone. The partnership makes perfect sense. Businesses like Windows and Blackberry’s. Now they can have both in the same device. Win win!

5. Windows 9 removes old desktop completely

With Windows 8 Microsoft made the bold choice to remove the start button and relegate the desktop to an “app.” They also created the Windows Store for downloading apps that don’t run the traditional way. It is quite obvious that Microsoft will one day completely do away with the old desktop. That day will come in 2013. Still want the desktop? Windows 7 licenses will become a valuable resource and skyrocket in price.

6. Steve Ballmer launches new line of deodorant

We’ve all seen that famous picture of Steve Ballmer onstage wearing a sweat soaked shirt. The guy is just really passionate about Windows. In 2013 he will cash in on this famous moment and come out with his own line of super strength deodorant. He will market it to geeks and nerds with sweating problems. The line of products will be called “DEODORANT! DEODORANT! DEODORANT! by Steve Ballmer.”

7. Xbox gets the Windows Store

Microsoft has always been very interested in the living room. With Xbox they finally found their entrance into the untapped market. The last couple of years have seen Microsoft push for more content on the Xbox like Netflix and HBO. In 2013 they will bring the Windows Store to Xbox so that users can download a wide range of apps to enjoy on their big screens. This will also put the Xbox in direct competition with Google TV and Apple TV.

8. Microsoft offers free tablets to schools

Windows 8 comes with a lot of ads in default apps. This has made some people a little upset, but it’s really not that bad. In 2013 we will find out that the reason Microsoft has made ads a part of the OS is so they can give free Windows tablets to schools. Google has been trying to do something similar with Chromebooks, but schools are more comfortable with Windows. The move will look very good on Microsoft, get Windows 8 out there in young people’s hands, and bring in a little ad revenue too.

9. Windows RT dies

The last prediction is a little sad: in 2013 Windows RT will become obsolete. Right now it’s only on one or two devices, most notably Microsoft Surface, but it’s looking like people just want full Windows. Microsoft didn’t make Windows RT devices cheap enough, so in the end a lot of people are going to prefer to have a full Windows 8 device. Without much incentive for companies to use Windows RT it will slowly fade away.

Now it’s your turn! What do you think will happen in 2013? Are any of these predictions going to come true? Let us know below!


  • Number one seems like the only likely prediction. o_o

    Although, a Ballmer deodorant would be interesting.

  • A little harsh on RIM, but I can only agree with you.
    Not likely they’ll partner with WP though.

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    I would rather og blackberry 10 than Windows phone. Next year Android is back on my radar and Windows phone is OUT (until 2014).

  • idlelimey

    Nice article! I love new year speculation.

    1. Agreed.
    2. Highly unlikely.
    3. I can’t see this happening unless MS up the available screen resolutions.
    4. RIM will cling on through 2013, maybe in 2014 they’ll choose between ‘droid and WP
    5. Won’t happen, not even next year. Windows needs to be backwards compatible with older programs in a business. RT could become desktop-less if Office Metro happens.
    6. Bet the house on this one! :)
    7. No Windows Store for xBox. Maybe Metro only apps (like RT) but you would need a keyboard as standard.
    8. Why not!? Good idea.
    9. Not this year. Intel need to do some serious work to get battery life up to that of ARM systems which could happen this year, but won’t immediately kill RT. 2014 maybe.

    For me I think we probably see the new xBox in Q2 for a Q4 release. It might run a version of Windows 8 (kernal) and run some Win8 apps making it an attractive device for many more developers.

    Surface Phone really doesn’t sound that crazy so I expect to see more on that subject and even an xBox Tablet device as previously rumoured. Further evolution of Office 365 and Skydrive and, hopefully, much more integration between devices (Phone, Desktop, Laptop, xBox).

    2012 was such a big year I can’t see it being topped in 2013.

  • Fred931

    Kinda sad that BB didn’t ever recover. I liked the new UI and “flow” of use a lot, like the toggle between a “work” and “life” arrangement of programs. There were a lot of features not unsimilar to other OSes like WP8.