Microsoft starts the New Year with a slew of new Windows 8 TV ads

Some people like to ring in the new year with champagne and crab cakes, Microsoft likes to create new commercials. Microsoft has started 2013 out with a slew of brand new TV commercials for Windows 8. They uploaded four in total that showcase some of the unique Windows 8 features.

The first video features Lenka singing and dancing her way through live tiles and stock apps. Another video shows the Fresh Paint app that Microsoft has shown off in several ads already. The next video shows a man buying an engagement ring on his computer. The video shows off how easy it is to swipe between apps. The last video shows a man at work looking up information about Rio and music.

These new videos share the same theme that we’ve been seeing in Windows 8 commercials. They do a good job at showing how fun Windows 8 can be. Check them all out at the YouTube link below.


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