Microsoft claims Google is preventing them from creating a “full featured” YouTube app

It’s 2013 and Microsoft and Google are still not getting along. Today Microsoft has once again decided to voice their concerns over Google’s actions toward consumers, specifically their prevention of a YouTube app for Windows Phone. Microsoft’s Dave Heiner published a blog post today about his concerns with Google. He states “Google continues to prevent Microsoft from offering consumers a fully featured YouTube app for the Windows Phone.”

Currently the closest thing to an “official” YouTube app Windows Phone users have is a shortcut to the mobile site. There are a couple good 3rd-party apps like Metrotube and Prime Tube, but they can be broken at any time by Google. This is the most recent issue in a long time fued between the two companies. Microsoft has taken shots at Google with “Scroogled” and “Gmail Man,” while Google just resorts to refusing to support Microsoft platforms. If Microsoft wants Google apps on their platforms they might have to start playing nice.

[via The Verge]

  • Why doesn’t MS just block Google sites on their computers? Everyone wants to represent Android and Google but I know ONE person with a chromebook and it is collecting dust.

  • JSYOUNG571

    HA! Maybe Microsoft should start becoming creative and create their own video network instead of begging and pleading with third parties.

  • Jesus Urrabieta

    If there is something I don’t stand is people with two faces. I have some questions for you man:

    Do you provide open APIs in your services to allow others to access them?
    Where is the fully featured xbox live application for android?

    Just because in the very recent past you have decided to create apps for other platforms doesn’t make you a fair player.

    You always abused your dominance and now that others dominate some areas you cry like a child…

    You get what you give. No more, no less.

  • CX1

    Google bought youtube to block competition. There is an ongoing antitrust investigation against google for this and many other anti competitive practices.

  • CX1

    Google was fine with providing apps and APIs before the inception of Android. You need to open your eyes and realize google is MS of old now.

  • CX1

    What is a good android site to go to and whine in the comment section?