[Review] Incipio DualPro Lumia 920 case review

One of the major concerns when picking a case for the Lumia 920 is whether or not the extra bulk and weight of a case will make it unmanageable. The phone is already much heavier than most phones on the market, but thankfully the Incipio DualPro case for the Lumia 920 strikes a balance between usability and protection for your phone.

The case is made up of two different parts. A soft silicon-like inside wraps around the phone giving it a sense of shock absorption, while a harder outside shell grips the phone on the sides to come together for a great combination of protection. My initial concerns about losing the amazing soft-touch back of the Lumia 920 were quickly assuaged when I felt the DualPro case, while it’s not made of the same polycarbonate material, it feels very close.

As for bulk, the DualPro does have a bit considering it’s two parts that completely encase the phone, but you probably won’t notice it much if the size of the Lumia 920 feels right to you. Some larger cases have a tendency to cause problems with texting and rapid keyboard use due to the lip of the case getting in the way, but I never really experienced this problem while using the case. The ports were all easily accessible and I never had to struggle to place the charger into its port.

The added bulk of the case might worry you when it comes to pressing buttons, but Incipio has done a great job to make sure you can feel them even when they’re not sticking out anymore. I never had a problem finding the button I wanted just by touch alone, which cannot be said for some other full cases. Overall, I really enjoyed the feel and the utility of the DualPro case. It’s great for peace of mind when it comes to protecting your investment and it certainly doesn’t make your phone look bad, either.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I love these composite cases. I used to use them a lot before. They are great for protecting the phone, and feel great. You are right, though, they do get a bit bulky. But I like how this one looks like it is made with the Windows Phone style in mind.