Yellow HTC 8X for AT&T free from Amazon with a new contract

If you’re the type of person who likes to make bold fashion statements the highlighter lightening yellow HTC 8X might be your perfect phone. For a limited time it is free from Amazon Mobile with a new AT&T contract. Only the yellow 8GB model is free, the blue 8GB model is going for $40, and the blue 16GB model for $50.

The 8X rivals the Lumia 920 is almost every category. It’s a very capable flagship device that has been a good alternative to the Lumia 920. If you’re looking for something just a little more pocketable than the 920 the 8X is an excellent choice. The soft touch yellow version of the 8X is a very sharp looking device that is sure to get noticed in public. If you love showing off your phone this might be the perfect deal for you. head to Amazon below to check it out.


Thanks James!

  • Fred931

    You mean green.

    It. Is. GREEN. I picked one up and messed with it at my AT&T store.

    GREEEEEEEN. I think it’s even greener than that yellow-green British police cars use on their liveries.

  • Fred931

    And I’m not yankin’ on you, I’m irritated that HTC calls it yellow.

  • Show me a pic of it looking green. I have never seen this phone look green.

  • Fred931

    I never took a picture of it myself, but a quick image search shows me the same shade of whatever that color is, and it sure looks green to me.

    Maybe I’m just easily irritated that it is not a flatout yellow and the shade of the 8x is just ugly.

  • I just looked at one of these in a store and I’ll give you its not the yellowist yellow Ive ever seen, but its very far from green.

  • Fred931

    I don’t think I can even believe I’m getting so worked up because the yellow isn’t yellow enough.