New Asus PCs will come with Kinect-like gesture control powered by Leap Motion

Several months ago a product on Kickstarter called Leap Motion caught everyone’s attention. The little device sits in front of your computer and tracks the motion of your hands. This allows users to perform Kinect-like gestures on any computer. The project was quickly funded, but today Leap has announced an even bigger accomplishment. Thanks to a new relationship with Asus, Leap Motion will come bundled on select Asus products later this year.

Asus will bundle Leap Motion on all-in-ones and high end laptops. Devices with Leap Motion will also come preinstalled with the Leap Motion app store. The app store was an area of concern before because a Kickstarter product may not get many developers, but this relationship with Asus is sure to put that to rest. Now Leap Motion will see a much wider audience, and it will even go international. We really like the idea of Leap Motion paired with a Windows 8 PC. It would be very handy to just be able to lift your arm up and swipe in the air to switch apps instead of having to actually touch the screen or use a mouse.

Would you buy a PC with Leap Motion built in?

[via The Verge]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I love the project and would love it if my computer came with this. I would not necessarily go out of my way to buy an ASUS computer just for this, though. If I was thinking of already getting one, then I would just be very happy to see the addition. Otherwise, I would just get my computer of choice and buy the product on the side.