Nokia is planning thinner, lighter Lumia 920 successor with aluminum body

The biggest complaint people had with the Lumia 920 was the size and weight. It may have bothered some people more than others, but make no mistake, the Lumia 920 was a hefty phone. The Verge is reporting that Nokia is looking to fix that problem with their 2013 Windows Phone devices.

Sources familiar with Nokia have revealed that they are planning to switch to aluminum¬†construction¬†for high-end phones. The aluminum construction will allow the phones to be much thinner and lighter than the previous polycarbonate devices. The first device that we will see this in is a successor to the Lumia 9200 codenamed “Catawalk.” Nokia is also planning two other Lumia handsets to go along with the Catawalk, but we’re not sure if they will have the same aluminum construction. Expect to see more about these devices later this year.

Do you like aluminum phones, like the iPhone, or do you prefer polycarbonate?

  • Aww, Nokia why? The polycarbonate is perfect. In my experience aluminum chips and dings too easily.

  • Fred931

    The polyC is almost Nokia’s signature, even.

    However… Nokia would make one sexy kitchen appliance…

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I am kinda broken. I mean I love Nokia’s current materials, but I also love aluminum. If they do it right, it can be one hell of a device.

  • Boogieman

    They should go for air plane aluminum or titanium.
    Or it will just chip and get scratched…like the iPhone :/