Google Maps on the web currently unaccessible for Windows Phone users

This could be bad.

Reports are starting to roll in about the web version of Google Maps not being accessible for Windows Phone 8 and 7 users. We can confirm that on both our WP8 and 7 devices redirects to This comes after a particularly heated month between Google and Microsoft.

The big question here is if this is just a bug or a purposeful move by Google. If the latter is true we are in for a wild ride. Google Maps in the browser has always been a nice fail safe in case Bing  or Nokia’s maps can’t get the job done. If Google is purposefully blocking only Windows Phone users from using services like YouTube, and now Maps, there is some serious bad blood there. Hopefully this is just a bug and Google fixes it soon.

[via The Verge]

  • just

    I don’t use Google Map for a long time, and I compared it to MapQuest for direction, Mapquest did a better job than Google. I have Bing Map and Nokia map and it does the job for me.

  • I swear, Google! You’re messing with the wrong ‘G’…The… Wrong… ‘G’!!!!

  • JSYOUNG571

    WOW! What happened to BING?! This is what I was talking about when it comes to Windows Phone. Microsoft needs to invest more efforts into BING so you don’t have people relying on Google.

  • There’s a line between two companies being competitive and being straight out anticompetitive. Google just crossed that line.

  • Donovan JS

    Bing just does a Google search.

  • Donovan JS

    “haven’t used Google Maps”

    And MapQuest, really?

  • Fred931

    I think my mom still uses MapQuest when we aren’t already outside the house to go somewhere…

  • Fred931

    Bing does a Bing search.

  • Inuyasha(AF)

    Anyone saying “Bing does a google search” wrong. I remember I took the “Bing it on challenge” and most people chose Bing and so did myself because google kept putting advertisements, shopping, and other nonsense of cr++ in my way when all I did is search simple stuff.

  • Fred931

    Welp, this is embarrassing. My results were 3 Google, 1 Bing, 1 draw. I think it helps that I have an ad blocker on, do you?

  • Vlad

    I’m soooo tired of Google…