Verizon drops Nokia Lumia 822 price down to free

The Nokia Lumia 822 is an often forgotten little handset offered by Verizon. It might not be the most popular device, but it’s very nice for those that don’t need a giant screen and don’t want to pay for it. The 822 was always kind on the wallet, but now Verizon and Nokia have made it even kinder.

With the impending launch of the Samsung ATIV Odyssey it looks like Nokia is trying to undercut the price before it even launches. They have dropped the price of the 822 from $50 to free. The Odyssey is another mid-range device that will probably cost around $50-$100. Nokia is making sure there is no debate when customers see the two beside each other. Hit up the link to Verizon below to get a really nice device for an excellent price.


{via WPCentral]

  • Inuyasha(AF)

    Now that is a good deal. Even though not the best but most of them are slick and fast so I would take that anyday.

    But Verizon , We have a score to settle. (MUAHAHHA)