Control Windows 8 with only your eyes and Tobii Rex [CES]

CES 2013 is just getting started and we’ve already seen some really cool stuff. Rob was wandering around a pre-CES show and he stumbled upon an eye tracking device┬áconnected┬áto Windows 8 called Tobii Rex.

The Tobii Rex is a device that connects to any computer and then tracks your eyes. Instead of moving a mouse around you just look with your eyes and then press a key to select it. It only takes simple calibration and it works really well. The Rex is available now as a developer kit for $995, but the real goal for Tobii is to get the technology built into devices. Check out the video to see Rob test out the Tobii Rex.

Tobii expects this technology to be a mainstay in a couple of years. They believe that this is he future of input on computers, and maybe even tablets. Seeing how well it works makes us believe that they may be right. Hopefully Tobii really takes off with this technology. We look forward to seeing more of this.

  • Fred931

    I would infinitely prefer buying a Kinect-size device to be able to do this on a Windows 8 device over buying a new touchscreen.