Google admits it was blocking access to maps, says fix is incoming

Friday we told you about an issue for Windows Phone users caused by Google blocking access to the subdomain. If users on their Windows Phone devices tried to access Google Maps in Internet Explorer, it would re-direct to the main Google page. Originally Google explained away the issue saying that because Internet Explorer uses the trident engine to render the web instead of Web-Kit, it caused problems with displaying Maps.

Now it’s come to light that Internet Explorer 10 doesn’t actually have problems rendering Google Maps and Google just flat out decided not to support non-WebKit mobile browsers. The good news is all the negative backlash from media outlets reporting on the problem have forced Google into supporting Internet Explorer 10 for mobile, meaning if you want to use Google Maps in your WP8 device, you certainly can. We’re not sure why you’d want to though, since Nokia Maps is far superior.

[via Mashable]




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