Lumia 920 free wireless charger deal from AT&T ending on the 10th

One of the many benefits of the Nokia Lumia 920 is the ability for the phone to be charged wirelessly. AT&T has been offering a deal where purchasing a Lumia 920 will get you a free wireless charging plate, which is a $50 value. Some people have reported problems in getting theirs, as stock has been limited thanks to the high demand of the Lumia 920. If you’re one of the people who put off pursuing your wireless charging plate from AT&T, you have until Thursday when the deal runs out.

Once the deal is gone, you can still obtain a wireless charging plate, but you’ll need to plunk down $50 in order to get one. Phones purchased before the 10th qualify as well, so if you still have not purchased your Lumia 920, you’re still within a few days of getting a wireless charger with it for free.

[via GadgetInsider]

  • Fred931

    Got mine a week after the phone. :)

    I need to go by the AT&T store and buy one or two more to scatter in the house. My charger is currently upstairs, but that’s no good when I’m in the office on the computer most of the afternoon.