Nokia sells more than 70% of WP8 handsets

No official data from Nokia or HTC has surfaced regarding their Windows Phone 8 handset details, but Adduplex has released some data to Paul Thurrott that shows just how dominant Nokia is within the WP8 ecosystem. The Lumia 920 is by far the most popular handset from Nokia, while the HTC 8S hasn’t even sold enough to be charted. 71% of WP8 sales on AT&T are Lumia 920s, while the HTC 8X only accounts for 18%.

It’s interesting to note that AT&T’s Windows Phone 8 dominance has shrunk, with 43% of them being sold on AT&T, while 46% are from Verizon and T-Mobile combined. This comes from a greater effort of both carriers to support Windows Phone 8 better than the previous generation handsets. Judging by these numbers though, it’s easy to see why Nokia’s stock is now performing much better than it did only a few months ago.

[via WinSuperSite]

  • JSYOUNG571

    Of course Nokia is going to get majority of Windows Phone 8 sales. There is no one to compete against in the Windows Phone 8 market. They are basically there by themselves with exclusive stuff.