North Cape is a reference design for future Intel devices with a few tricks [CES]

With Microsoft out of the show here at CES Intel takes over as perhaps the biggest company for Windows related projects. Today was their press event and they did not disappoint. They showed off a new reference design to show off what the fourth generation Haswell processors can do. They call it North Cape, and it’s a tablet with a detachable keyboard.

The form factor is anything but new to Windows 8, but the specs what makes this reference design special. The device can get up to 13 hours of battery life with the keyboard dock. The mechanism that connects the tablet to the dock allows it to be removed with a single finger. This is something Intel hopes to license out to other OEMs. The last thing that makes this design really cool is the screen. When it is docked it displays in 13.3″, but when you pick it up it switches to 11.6″ so there is room for your fingers. A very smart trick.

The Haswell processor in North Cape with hit stores later in 2013.

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