Reprogramming NFC tags with NFC Launchit is so easy you can do it while waiting in line [Video]

A lot of new Windows Phone 8 devices have NFC, but one question a lot of people have been asking is “what can we do with it?” A couple apps have come out that take advantage of NFC and let you do some cool things. One of those apps is NFC Launchit.

While we were waiting in line for the Samsung event earlier today we were handed some bracelets with NFC tags that point to their press website. I quickly pulled out my HTC 8X with NFC Launchit installed and reprogrammed the bracelet to point to The whole process takes under a minute. Check out the quick video we made while waiting in line.

NFC Launchit

  • just

    Pretty nice!

  • Fred931

    Do it to, like, 100 of them and just chuck ’em back into the box while they aren’t looking.

    That’ll teach ’em to not use rewritable tags. Hahahahaha