Sprint to carry Windows Phone 8 devices from Samsung and HTC this summer

Earlier today Microsoft teased that a big Windows Phone 8 announcement would come today. That announcement is that Windows Phone 8 will finally be available on Sprint in the form of Samsung and HTC devices. No official devices are mentioned, but we assume the HTC 8X and the Samsung ATIV S or some variation will head up the line-up for Sprint.

This is a big step in the growth of Windows Phone 8, as Sprint was the last major American carrier to have no Windows Phone 8 line-up. With Windows Phone 8 devices on all major networks, Microsoft now has room for serious growth. We’ll keep you updated as this story develops.

  • Fred931

    A little bit of a letdown (as in I was wondering if something crazy would be revealed tonight), but I guess far from, if you’re a Sprint customer.

  • josh

    This summer . . . . that is not an announcement . . . this summer?! I’m gone sprint expect my phone to move to another carrier. I’m tired of waiting for you to wake up.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Why is Sprint always behind and trying to catch up on everything. Windows 7 and 8 phones, 3G upgrade, LTE….See a trend here..How about they wake up and get on track

  • anon

    I heard from a sprint service rep when I called to cancel my account that Sprint would release the phones March 1st