Hands-on with the Samsung ATIV Odyssey for Verizon [Video]

The day has been short on Windows Phone news, but we’re finishing strong with a nice little device from Samsung. The ATIV S hasn’t made it to any major carriers yet, but the ATIV Odyssey will be coming to Verizon. We got a chance to play with the Odyssey here at CES and we were left impressed.

The phone is safely in the mid-range category for specs, but it feels high-end in the hand. It’s a very pocketable size with only a 4″ display. The resolution leaves a little to be desired at only 480×800, but the screen quality is what we come to expect from Samsung. It sports a 1.5GHz dual-core processor that does just fine at motoring through Windows Phone 8. A couple unique things with the Odyssey include a MicroSD card slot and removable battery, something we haven’t seen a lot in this latest generation of phones. Check out the video below for a closer look.

Pricing and availability have not been disclosed.

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