Hands-on with the Samsung ATIV Smart PC convertible [Video]

New devices have been few and far between here at CES so far, but we have had a chance to see some devices in person for the first time. One of those devices is the Samsung ATIV Smart PC, a tablet running full Windows 8 with a detachable keyboard dock.

The ATIV Smart PC is a very thin and light 11.6″ tablet. It has an Intel Atom processor and 9.5 hours of battery life when watching video. You can dock the tablet into the keyboard and fold it up like a traditional laptop. For a full Windows 8 device the ATIV Smart PC is extremely portable and light. This device is available now for $1199, which is comparable to Microsoft Surface Pro.

  • Aslan Bollin

    you are incorrect.
    The Samsung ATIV Smart PC running the Intel Atom aka the ATIV 500T is only $750 with the keyboard dock. 600 without the dock. Had one,but had to return it. Speakers blew. Very nice device. Not sureif I wanttoget it again or sacrifice battery life for more power….

    The ATIV Smart PC Pro aka ATIV 700T with the core i5 cpu is $1199 with the dock. Dunno how much without it.