HTC sees worst profits since 2004 despite flagship launches

Despite the dire need for HTC to turn itself around as a hardware company, the company posted its lowest profit since 2004 yesterday. This is slightly better than what many analysts predicted for the company, but it’s still a $99 million drop from the profits reported in Q3. Poor profits for the company mean flagship launches like the Droid DNA and the HTC 8X and HTC 8S did little to help bolster the Taiwanese giant.

The only consolation in this report is that all three of the handsets mentioned above were released mid-quarter, so the company didn’t have a full quarter of sales for each of the devices under its belt. of these devices, only the Droid DNA and the HTC 8X are currently available in the United States. CEO Peter Chou seems to believe the worst is over for the company, as he stated that the company would raise its marketing budget to help better compete with Samsung.

[via The Verge]

  • camelsnot

    They dropped support for products like Tbolt, Rezound, One and more almost immediately after launch. They also didn’t provide timely updates to carriers regarding phone updates/patches. Yes, we currently own 2 HTC phones and they will be the last 2 we ever buy. The hardware is great, but the dated design, plastic case and lack of support killed their products. Samsung and Motorola have more compelling devices.

  • Not to mention ALL of their products are plagued with hardware issues.
    The infamous HTC One S (AND HTX 8X) reboot issues were incredibly annoying.
    What was once the darling of handset makers went the way of the star tac! Irrelevant!
    Which truly is a shame since some of their devices were beautiful. However thats only skin deep. They should have made some Google phones (pure AOSP) no Sense UI or anything, the dev’s would have EATEN it up. They didn’t need Google to choose them as a premier vendor, they could have just made their own.It’s the devs that got the Galaxy to where it is and HTC could have benefited from that as well.