Panasonic unveils a 4K 20-inch Windows 8 tablet at CES

If you’ve been following CES this year you have probably read about quite a few 4K televisions. Almost every major TV maker has shown off new 4K TVs this year. Panasonic has some 4K plans of their own, and it doesn’t involve TVs.

Over at the Panasonic booth there is a 20-inch Windows 8 tablet. That alone seems pretty ordinary, until you check the resolution: 4K. Everyone else is putting 4K on TVs, but Panasonic is putting it on a tablet for photographers, designers, and architects. The super high resolution display is great for professionals who show off their work to customers. They can show off photos and designs in beautiful resolution to really wow clients. The portability of the device is questionable, but if you compare it to hauling around an easel or something it’s not that bad.

We don’t know when this crazy device will hit the market, but when it does it should be an interesting choice for creative professionals.

  • Robert Marino

    What’s the battery life, 20 minutes?